Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The four simple goals challenge

four simple goals
1. illustrate new greeting cards.
2. cook vegan for the holidays.
3. make our own holiday ornaments.
4. try that new look!

If you just happened to stumbled into this blog. Hi. happy to have you here.  You may not realize this, but what you are reading happens to be my very first real post. It's kind of a big deal or at least that's how it feels like to me. before this i had only posted two of my illustrations and this was last year. shameful. seriously. 

On the same note, today it became clearer that ever that the weather is colder, birds flew south, it's time to send greetings, soon it will be the end of the year and i'm so far behind every little thing i had planned months in advanced that i just feel like going under the covers and sleep till winter it's passed. because, here's the thing. I'm a great planner (in my head), but when it comes to timing and executing, well, not so much.

In recent times and through lots of crash and burn life has taught me that i'm the kind of person that does much better when writing down lists. it does help me focused. but since this is a recently acquired habit and i'm trying to tame 26 years of underachievement i don't always follow through the plan. it's an ongoing learning experience.    

So, today when I read Elsie Larson's four simple goals before 2014, on her blog A Beautiful Mess. i amazed myself on how wonderfully simple and yet powerful this exercise is. if this the first time you ever hear about ABM i suggest you rush to their site and go through every single feature they have. I know i did when i first read their stuff. super talented people these folks are. i'm sure you will find something that will inspire you.

And inspired as i am, is that i now post my very own four simple goals before 2014.

Happy Wednesday everyone and here's hoping for great, fun, new and exciting things in the days to come. XOX