Wednesday, April 30, 2014

what's the best version of yourself?

I want to be

the BEST version

 of myself as a




Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today I got the most amazing and unexpected surprise ever. and I have my friend Whitney to thank for it. the picture you see below is of an illustration i gave to her beautiful baby boy Dax for his birthday. I remember how good it felt when she told that the lullaby i used was her favorite and also the one that she sang to her boys everynight. That was a nice surprise for me because that was something she never told me about before and I was happy to give her something that actually meant something to them.

That was last year and today that very same illustration is framed and hanging up on her wall. And to me that is really a big deal. Seeing my artwork up there makes me believe more in this vision that i have of myself. so this feels like the very begging and that is just some exciting and scary all at the same time that i just can't wait to start walking this journey.

I hope you stick around and see what happends.
XO- Ileana