Wednesday, November 5, 2014

on getting started

Fact: I've been a lazy couch potato ever since  I can remember. 

I spent many hours of my life sitting on my  lazy ass watching for days and days complete seasons of my favorite series feeling sorry for myself, wishing for better days, better clothes and self love. it took many years for me to actually take action and do what it was best for me. This month I'm celebrating my second year as a vegan, for me it was the best decision that I  ever made. why did it take me so much timeto make a change? Who knows...?  it could have been a number of things like lack of conviction or I was just simply playing to be the victim. The truth is that veganism was the fisrt step to take control of my life. It's been a journey that I'm so happy to have started. Since  I made the change from couch potato to vegan, life has change for the best,
Veganism has totally take me to where I want to be in terms of health, body image and ethics but I'm  now ready to go from skinny to fit. (which I believe to  be the next step).

Today is day 1 of my freeletics training,  What I like about this training is that you don't need any especial equipment, you work with your own bodyweight and you can do it at the comfort of your home or at the park, you can do it by yourself or with others, but to me its about competing with myself because I can be my worst enemy.

I'll be posting my progress every ten days. let's get started.

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